What is Planiclik?

Planiclik is a web-based planning and communication tool designed specifically for families with children still living at home. This family planning tool caters to different types of families: nuclear, blended, single-parent, etc.

Thanks to Planiclik's adaptability to today's families, parents will be able to reduce conflict and stress due to lack of communication. Whether separated or not, parents can gain peace of mind knowing that their family schedule is perfectly organized and accessible from any location.

Who is Planiclik designed for?

Planiclik is specifically for families with children still living at home. The online family planning tool responds to the needs of different family types (nuclear, blended, single-parent, etc.).

What are Planiclik's main functions?

It includes the following main functions:

- A calendar that can be shared among multiple users;

- An access management system based on the user's status;

- A profile for each child in the family with important and practical information ready on hand (allergies, clothing and shoe sizes, preferences, digital copies of health-care cards, report cards, etc.);

- A family expenses planner;

- A document-sharing system (electronic bills, etc.);

- A list management system (to-do list, to-buy list, grocery list, what-to-bring-to-dad's list, etc.);

- A printable calendar (daily, weekly or monthly). 

What makes Planiclik stand out from other online planning tools?

Planiclik is a bilingual tool adapted to the Quebec and Canadian population and is the management and communication tool par excellence for modern families.

Accessible from any location, Planiclik brings together all the necessary information to manage a family schedule. Let's face it, there's more to efficient daily planning than calendars and agendas! There are to-do lists, to-buy lists, things to prepare for upcoming family vacations, crucial facts about each child, etc.

Planiclik brings all these elements together to facilitate daily planning all the while reducing the chances of oversights and frustrations due to poor communication.

How do I subscribe to Planiclik?

Subscribing to Planiclik is done directly on our website.

How much does Planiclik cost?

Planiclik is free since July 2017. Enjoy!

How can I obtain more info about Planiclik?

You can send us your coordinates via our contact page. You will receive news about Planiclik's updates.

Join us on Facebook and Twitter.

Is Planiclik safe?

All the information found in your Planiclik account is hosted on our highly secured servers. Your Planiclik account is protected by your password and only designated users may have access. According to a user's status, family members can simply view information or actually make changes to the account.

How can I access my family space on Planiclik?

Connect via Planiclik homepage. Enter your user name and password in the appropriate fields. Click on the white arrow to access your account. Planning will never have been easier!

I forgot my password.

You can retrieve your password by clicking on the link "Forgot your password?" on Planiclik homepage. You will then enter your email address associated with Planiclik. You will receive an email that contains a link to a secure page where you can enter a new password. If you do not receive the email in a few minutes, please check the spam folder and spam filter for your email account.

We recommend that you change your password shortly after receiving the email from Planiclik because the link to reset it will expire after 7 days. If the link expires, you simply have to repeat the process.

How do I invite others to join my family space?

You must be an Administrator of your family space to invite others to join you on Planiclik. Click on "Add a member" in the Family section of your Planiclik account. For each member you wish to invite, you must provide their email address and create a user name and password that they will be able to change once they have access to your family space. Each invited member will automatically receive an invitation to join Planiclik. They will then be able to access your family space by connecting with their own email address or user name and password provided in the invitation email.

You can add a member without giving him access to your family space (e.g. a young child or a pet). Click on "Add a member" in the Family section of your Planiclik account. Complete the first three fields: first name, last name and type of account. You must then complete this member's profile yourself.

How many people can I include in my family space?

With Planiclik, you can include an unlimited number of members to your family space.

All members that you invite to join you on Planiclik will be able to securely access the same family space from any computer or mobile device. Each member can connect with his own user name associated with Planiclik and his password.

How do I designate another member of my family space as an Administrator?

When subscribing to Planiclik only the person who created the family space is designated as an Administrator. There is no limit to the number of Administrators for the same family space.

To designate another member as an Administrator, click on “Parameters” in the right corner of the application, and then click on “Settings”. In the “Member management” table, check the name of the member you want to designate as Administrator of your family space.

What does the administrator status allow you to do?

When registering to Planiclik, the person who created the family space is by default the only Administrator. However, she can give an Administrator status to other members of the same family space.

An account administrator can add and remove members from the family space as well as modify their profile.

How to give a Limited view to a member of my family space?

Only an Administrator can give a Limited view to other members of his family space.

Click on “Parameters” in the right corner of the application, and then click on “Settings”. In the “Member management” table, check the name of the member you want to give a Limited view to.

What is a Limited view?

A user with a Limited view only sees the activities he participates in on the calendar. He can view profiles of other members of the same family space, but cannot modify them. Like other users, he will only have access to documents, lists or expenses that are shared with him by others.

The Limited view can be useful for users such as a babysitter, a former spouse and grandparents.

How can I integrate the parenting arrangements schedule to my Planiclik calendar?

In the Calendar section, click on “Settings” (the small wheel located under “Add an activity”). Under the “Parenting arrangements schedule management” section, click on “Add a time slot”. Enter a description to better identify the parenting arrangements period (e.g. School year - Fall, Christmas, summer vacations, etc.). Choose the interval that best reflects the repetition cycle of the schedule. Start and end dates represent the start and the end of that interval. You also have the option to choose which child the schedule applies to. You can select more than one child at a time. Use the drop-down menus to select the parent with whom the child spends the day. This schedule will be repeated until the end date that was chosen. Finally, click on “Add”.

To display the parenting arrangements in your Planiclik calendar, check the “Display parenting arrangements schedule” box on the right side of your calendar. To quickly view additional details, simply pass your cursor over the colored strip in the calendar.

How do I export my Planiclik activities to another calendar?

To export Planiclik activities in another web calendar, check the box "send an invitation by email" when you create an activity in Planiclik. This email will contain an ICS file that you will be able to upload in another calendar of your choice.

How do I share an expense in the Expenses section?

When you share an expense with a member of your family space, it is automatically entered in your “Current expenses” section and in the other member’s. The member who created the expense sees the icon “Pending” appear in the “Action” column since he is waiting to receive an amount of money.

For his part, the member who must pay the amount of money will see a blue arrow in the “Action” column and must click on it to “Confirm payment sent”. This member will see the icon “Pending” appear in the “Action” column until the member who originally created the expense confirms that he has received the payment by clicking on “Confirm payment reception” in the "Action" column.

Once this process is completed the expense will automatically be transferred in the History section for both members.

For which browser is Planiclik optimized?

Planiclik has been optimized for Firefox, Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher, Safari and Chrome.

Is my information safe on Planiclik?

Respect for your privacy is a priority to us. We are committed to keeping all your family information private and secure. We do not share personal information (such as your name, email address or telephone number) with third parties for direct marketing purposes. Using a 256-bit encryption key according to the standard SSL ensures the security of data transmission over the Internet. Finally our servers conform to the highest standards for safety.

What should I do if I can’t connect to Planiclik via my smartphone?

Make sure your phone allows “cookies”. Otherwise, it is likely that the connection to Planiclik will not occur. Usually, "cookies" authorization is done through your browser settings.

How do I cancel my subscription to Planiclik?

To cancel your subscription to Planiclik you must first login to your Paypal account. Once you have accessed your Paypal account:
- Click on “Profile”;
- Click on “My money”;
- Click on “Update” in the “My preapproved payments” section;
- Click on “Planiclik” in the Merchant column;
- Click on “Cancel”.
Following these actions, PayPal will send you an email confirming the cancellation of your preapproved payments with Planiclik. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments; we value your feedback.